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How To Rank on Google

When you ask Google a question, or search for an item. You are taken to the SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

There are 4 placement spots for you to appear on Google.

Two of these spots we pay Google for (Ads).

The other two are “organic”. 

Organic ranks are the most profitable.

 To get them, we have to execute extensive back-end and front-end technical work to your website.

Hyper Fixated Hosting

Speed is king. All of your web data is migrated and hosted on our secure cloud-based servers. Giving your customers peace of mind, and the ultimate user experience. Faster and more responsive websites rank higher.

Security, safety, and speed. Oh my!

Showing Love

Google makes profit off Ads every month. This is their revenue stream. Even if it's a small part of your budget, you must do this.

This provides somewhat "instant" results for our campaign with you, but it also sends them credibility signals surrounding your company.

Local SEO

There very well could be some Local SEO keywords that we'll be able to capture quickly. Without analyzing this, we're not sure yet.

Once we sit down, you'll have a roadmap to success. We promise.

Backlink Campaign

Simply put, Google runs an online popularity contest. The more websites that "mention" your company and provide a link to your page - the higher your rank goes in Google.

You can pay people to post your link on other sites, Google knows about this.....and penalizes you for it.

Wait until you see our innovative partnerships on this topic specifically.

World Class Reporting

Our main focus during your SEO campaign.

If you've ever sat through a digital marketing presentation about SEO, you more than likely fell asleep.

We make it relevant to your company, and easy to understand.

Google's Algorithm

Long Profit SEO is a game designed to weed out the smaller companies that attempt to trick Google's algorithm.

Our implementation strategy can take a solid 8 months before there is an actual ROI to report.

Honesty is great, isn't it?

Dedicated In-House SEO

While we’re working at your company, there will be a main point of contact in your office for everything SEO related.  

Anytime you want an update, or have a new vertical you’d like to analyze or go after.  Go to this person’s desk.

We’re only a few steps away….literally.

Keyword Research

An important part of any SEO strategy is to have a set of target keywords you want your site to rank for.

How many people are searching in Google for your type of business per month, how they interact with Google, and the sites they click on.

If they’re looking for your service or product, we ensure you’re right at the top of their list.

Google My Business (GMB)

Google My Business is commonly referred to as the “Map Pack” section, where you see the 3 companies that are closest to your geographical location.

We manage the entire listing and optimize it for peak performance.  This is based on the user’s location. Having your profile in tip-top condition with constant updates, your chances of appearing first in the Map section skyrockets.

components of google algorithm

Backlink Campaign

How many companies link to your website already?

How many companies mention you but don’t have an actual link to your site?

How can we get you more links?

There are about 12 solid ways to gain more backlinks for your website.  Our strategy is proprietary but most importantly compliant as to not attract penalties from Google.

Our ranking system was custom designed by our CEO, and tested throughout multiple industries.  Positive results came through in every single case study.

Perfect Reporting

Profitable SEO is a long-game, which builds stability of your online brand and incoming customers.

Google does not instantly rank pages, sites, or links – contrary to what your typical SEO Agency will tell you.  Google knows the worth of the coveted #1 Organic Rank in their SERP’s and are very thorough in evaluating which companies are placed at the top.

Our reports show you exactly what you’ve earned and what you’ve spent on SEO in whole.  

Clicks and views don’t mean a thing.  Revenue does.


Project Management

Try calling a digital marketing agency and getting a status update on your account.  Go ahead, we’ll wait.

Chances are, they’ll want to schedule a “call” or a meeting to discuss this.

Our project management portal gives you Live Access to see which tasks are currently underway, and the progress on said tasks.

This keeps everything in one place for reporting, content creation, technical work, etc.

We told you the grass was greener over here.

Don't come up Short!

SEO is the backbone of any business that wants a strong online presence for the future.

No Exceptions.

Without an exacted and dedicated SEO strategy, you are only “renting” your online presence by paying for Ads and clicks.

SEO is an evergreen strategy and keeps you in the game for the long run.