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I'm so effin' glad I brought them in. I don't even know what we used to do before DigiCorb became a part of our company. Seriously, I can't remember.
Haley Thomas
Screw these guys, they made our business feel vulnerable and directly degraded and attacked our marketing plans for the future.
It was exactly what we needed to succeed.
Bruno Santos
ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. Those words changed the trajectory of our business forever.
Alessia Singh
VP Marketing, Stealth Web3 Project
Don't hire a digital marketing agency, don't hire an SEO company, don't hire an employee with a fancy marketing degree.
Hire DigiCorb.
Hakim Callahan
Business Consultant
We sucked. I'll admit it now. They don't, and they're dead ass serious about it.
Hannah Dupont
L.A. Models
I knew I would be asked to write a review for these screwballs. Why wouldn't I? They freakin' CRUSHED it for us!
John Braun
Hedge Fund Broker

A Few Client Case Studies


Wellmart is a retail vape, CBD, and smoke shop in Fort Collins, CO with an e-commerce store and physical location.

Key Results:

  • Website Design Overhaul
  • Local & National Search Engine Optimization
  • Professional Content Production
  • #1 Rankings for 9 high-traffic keywords.
  • 330% Social Media follower increase on all platforms.
Tandem Staffing

Tandem Staffing is a medical facility staffing company based in Berthoud, CO.  Staffing open nursing positions, private care, physicians, EMT’s.

Key Results:

  • Website Design Overhaul
  • Application and Lead Flow Process Automation
  • Branding Creation and Digital Messaging
  • #1 Rankings for Local Staffing Agency, Berthoud Staffing Agency
  • 122% Increase in client lead form completions

Livwell is a 27-location cannabis dispensary in Colorado and surrounding states.  The largest dispensary chain in Colorado with physical locations and e-commerce.

Key Results:

  • Fifteen #1 Google Rankings for top industry keywords
  • Marketing team worked closely at the beginning of their company’s inception
  • Professional Content Production
  • Website Consulting and Brand Elevation
  • 122% Increase in Store Traffic
  • Social Media content creation, E-commerce vertical market creation.
Total Remodel Contractor Inc.

Home remodeling, construction, and roofing contractor based in Colorado.  One of the largest contractors in the Northern Colorado sector.

Key Results:

  • #1 Google Ranking for “Remodeling Contractor”
  • 1,212% increase of inbound remodeling and roofing leds.
  • Website Design Overhaul and Technical Coding Adjustments
  • Lead Flow Management Automation
AltPro Expo

Alternative Products Expo provides an in-person platform for vendors and brands within the cannabis, vape, smoking accessories industry.

Key Results:

  • Consumer & Buyer Ticketing Advertising
  • Social Media Advertising Platform Management
  • Professional Content Production
  • Media Production and Event Elevation
  • Average CPA of $9.50 | In-Person Attendee Tickets
  • Average CPC under $0.55 for all paid advertising campaigns.
KC Brand Consulting

Nationally renowned public speaker and influencer consulting firm.  With a highly-concentrated focus on TikTok virality and social media engagement.

Key Results:

  • Website Design Overhaul
  • #1 Keyword ranking for public speaking and engagements
  • Branding Creation and Digital Messaging
  • 380k TikTok Followers
  • 1.4 Million Avg. Views Per Video

Social Media



Web Design & SEO

Custom Marketing Strategy

Marketing is a term thrown around on a daily basis. 

Many claim to be experts, few actually execute and get results.

Our plan :

1)  Have a friendly chat about your company’s marketing plan.  What you’ve tried so far, what challenges you’re facing, we may not be able to help you.

2)  If we feel like we can help, we’ll put together an entire MindMap strategy to capitalize on all the opportunities we identify.

3)  We’ll get you early, short-term wins.  While setting up data-driven, specific long-term goals for scaling your digital marketing strategy.

4)  No high-pressure sales tactics, we promise.

Social Media Brand Growth

In 2023, your Social Media game needs to be on point.  

No exceptions.

Our plan :

1)  We’ll take a look at all of your social media channels, and compare them to your competitors.

2)  We’ll put together some brief content examples for you and show you what we’ve created for our other clients.

3)  Focus on growing your audience and following through organic growth, using paid advertising to kick-start your brand’s engagement.

4)  Social Media is what separates you from the other guys.

We've got you covered.

At one point, you have to trust someone.  Your family and business legacy depends on us.

We know you’ll make the right choice.