Our Fearless Leaders

We’ve been through it all, personally and professionally. 

Test us, we dare you.

Founder and CEO

Craig Corban

Craig got his start in the marketing and digital world while working for a multi-million dollar company in Loveland, CO.  Rising through the ranks and eventually mastering his skills for 9 years he respectfully resigned in 2017 to start his own original digital marketing agency LeadFarm.

He hit the ground running. Craig’s unmatched SEO strategy and implementation awarded LeadFarm with numerous mentions throughout local news networks and publications.  Not to mention a very healthy portfolio of clients. You can read his news articles here.

After successfully building the company for 3 years, working tirelessly for 100+ hours per week – Craig was awarded financial and schedule freedom as a result of his efforts. Soon after, he decided to take a leave of absence from his company to properly adjust his life in order to take his team and company to the next level.

Throughout this – due to his e-commerce and SEO background he quickly turned his side-brand into an online juggernaut.  Opening up it’s first retail location in Fort Collins, CO in October of 2018 thanks to an angel investor that took a gamble on Craig (mucho gracias Mr. Santos).  Which ultimately paid-off.

Once he got his head on straight (thanks to a certain sister of his, a lot of self-help education, therapy, counseling, and long talks with his parents) he knew in his heart that his ultimate strengths lied within digital marketing, SEO and online brand elevation.

DigiCorb today is a thriving marketing business on the corner of Laurel and Mason Street in the heart of Colorado State University’s campus life. Opening up a second office in 2023 and have plans for a third by the end of 2024.

Craig’s story is one of the greatest comebacks, recovery journeys, and ultimate self realization standards to ever grace Northern Colorado.  Except for his sister, her story is WAY MORE INTENSE.

Social, PR, and TikTok Consultant

Kimberly Corban

First of all, if you don’t know already.  You’re about to mess around and find out.  Kimberly is one of the most bad-ass, spitfire people you’ll ever have the pleasure of coming into contact with. Just ask Obama.  

Not to mention, one of the most mentally strong people in the entire world.  Again, thanks to a lot of therapy, self-help focus, and the love and support of those closest to her.  She’s our rockstar, our voice, and our over-powering inspiration here at DigiCorb.

You may recognize her from TEDx Talks, Network Television, TikTok, NBC, CNBC, her Survivor Public Speaking Tours on campuses nation-wide, Steve Wilkos Show, and the list goes on…

There’s too much to write, honestly.  Just Google her.  She has a verified blue check mark on every social platform, she doesn’t take anyone’s crap, and yet has the biggest heart in all of Colorado (with the exception of Deb Corban, our Mother, of course).

We’ll only tell you once.  She’s as sarcastic as they come and will fire back at you without notice….prepare yourself, this is your only fair warning before you enter the firing range.

The Heart of DigiCorb & Our Family

Big Jim & Miss Deb Corban

We want you to understand, we aren’t just another run-of-the-mill marketing agency with a stellar strategy.  We’re an agency with heart, feelings, and concern for the well-being of your team and your company.  

Our daily actions and thought patterns are driven by two very special people, Jim and Deb Corban.

We wouldn’t be here without their unwavering support and confidence in every step of our personal lives. Kimmy wouldn’t, and Craig sure as hell wouldn’t be the people they are without the constant LOVE we receive and motivational support that is driven into our minds everyday by their parents.

Deb is an entrepreneur through and through. But what’s more, she is our biggest and loudest cheerleader in every event of our lives and our business.

Big Jim’s uncanny ability to calm your mind and re-focus you on the true reality and importance of your life is what keeps our thoughts and ultimately our actions in-line with the best interests of your company and your team members.  Every. Single. Day.

These two are the most dedicated, hard-working, and disciplined people you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting.  This is no joke.  I think they’re like 110 years old or something, and still put in 16 hour days. It’s unreal. Not to mention how they’ve stayed so young looking.  With advances in modern-technology and healthcare, it’s not crazy to think they won’t live to be 225 maybe 230 years old.

As we work alongside your team and yourselves inside of your company, we deliver not only the highest caliber results and strategies, but we distribute the same lessons and culture that have been driven into us down to your team members and management.  

These two people have held it down for us and our team in a tremendous way throughout the entire life of our business.  So we do all of this for them!

The Ugly truth

You thought it was all smart remarks and BS.

What makes us different….we actually care what happens to your company, your family, and your amazing team members. 

And that’s it.  

If we don’t feel like we can help you, we won’t.

We’re here to help you build a sustainable business model for the future of digital advertising and brand recognition. 

No excuses, no dragging out our agreements with you.

What works, works.  What doesn’t, doesn’t.