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Digital Brand Elevation Specialists

The premier “In-House” digital marketing team you didn’t know you needed.

We work on your business, INSIDE your business.

No more remote marketing, no more "work from home".

You won't believe this...

Social Brand Health

Mental health is frowned upon on socials.
Loose cannons prevail.
Quirky sarcasm wins customers.
We got you.

Pro Production

Our Phones are sick.
Our Cameras are insane.
Our Laptops are in the hospital.
Our editors hate us for this section.

Exact ROI Analytics

So we put this fancy report together showing everything we lied to you about this month....
Sound familiar?
Yeeaaahhh, you'll see why we're different.

Customized SEO

Just listen to us.
We use every tool in the book.
You have to have longevity.
Seriously bro, you'll understand.

Mobile Content Team

I mean....we're already here, but if you have an idea we'll grab our stuff and go check it out.
We ride bikes.
Brand colors of course.

We're late...but we're here.

Open at 8am? Cool, we'll see you around 10. Unless your Chief wants to have a
"company meeting".
We thoroughly enjoy those. Not kidding.

why We know we're the best

We Work In Your Business

Hiring a remote digital marketing and branding company can be exhausting and feel like a waste of money and time.  Which it is.

At DigiCorb, our specialists work on-site in your company on a daily basis. For hours on end….we may even exercise squatter’s rights if necessary.

We require our clients to purchase blow-up mattresses and a stocked mini-fridge for our team.  No alcohol though please, trust us.  You don’t want that.


We're a structured circus show, with a process. And PROVEN results.

They're fun to look at.


We look professional but mid-meeting you'll wonder...

Who are these people?

First Class

We have really cool cameras, computers and phones and stuff. For real, we seriously do guys.

Believe us...please?

Inclusive Environment

Even when you're sick of us, we'll still be by your side. In EVERY meeting, in EVERY conference room.

Staring at you.

Craig's Core team Manages...


Kim's Kackling Team Manages...


glasses and notebook next to DigiCorb macbook
kimberly corban using macbook while working on digital marketing project
Image is everything

Elevate Your
Online Brand Now.......No, Like RIGHT NOW!

You already missed six viral opportunities while you’ve been on our stupidly outdated website. Not joking.

Just call us or check our street cred….we’re good in every business hood!

There’s so many channels and sources in which customers find and interact with your business.  We help you tackle them all with consistent messaging, high quality production, and viral capabilities unmatched by any other agency.

"I just smile through the BS. Because I'm the backbone of this entire circus show we call DigiCorb, I don't even understand what they do half the time."
jim corban back in his heyday
Jim "Big Papa"
"I have so many damn kids in my house I can't even think straight, but the two biological ones are alright I guess."
debbie corban in las vegas at a digital marketing conference
Deb "Own It" Corban
Deb's Safehouse LLC
"My wife and her brother are complete psychopaths with personalities that exceed mental institution criteria."
Miguel Ekruor
I Bat Cleanup LLC

The Perfect Plan

To think that one marketing employee, and some digital assistants can accomplish the daunting task of digital marketing is absolutely ridiculous.  It takes enormous amounts of time, energy, and a clean budget to be successful on even just one single platform.  

How can these companies say they’ll do it all for you?